The Frederick Runner’s Weekend

This past weekend’s weather was one for the record books! The sun shone bright over the rolling horizon of the BlueRidge foothills and captivated our beautiful little city while temperatures were finally climbing out of the 50’s-60’s and into the glorious 80’s of a much anticipated Summertime… Which allowed for a glorious day of softball with this beauty (double headers, double winners!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.53.48 AM

Not only was Saturday the most celebrated day in televised sports in a long while- Ahem… Yankees vs. Red Sox, Capitals vs. Rangers, Mayweather vs. Pacquiano, and The Kentucky Derby- I was also reunited with my sister from another mister. After exploring her new home base in and around the area, we celebrated the time we shared together with dinner and a slumber party which consisted of an early evening, lounging and watching Chopped like the food-loving adults that we are!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.53.31 AM

The next morning was an early 5:30am wakeup call for The Frederick Half Marathon. Katie and myself not only grew up together since we were in diapers (thanks mom and dad for sticking two together… HEY YA!) But we have been running buddies through thick and thin. Needless to say, we were full of excitement for yet another race together and jammed to Taylor Swift like the true professional in-car dancers that we are. After picking up my cousin and delivering the 3 amigos to the race, we found our place on the starting line in time to hear the gun go off! The course wound around many back alleys and streets of my hometown, making for a gorgeous route!


A combination of beautiful weather, a city full of enthusiastic onlookers, the gratitude of being able to run with my best friends, and complete 13.1 miles with a new personal record (PR) of 1:41:47, made this Sunday one to remember. Oh… and did I mention the Cuz finished her first half marathon in blazing time?! Yea… I couldn’t be prouder!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.54.24 AM

Sure, every race comes along with a few sore muscles and sharp breaths. But with every race also comes a sense of gratitude for the people you share it with, the feeling of accomplishment and pride, and most importantly- the love for life that allows us to cross that finish line.


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