Don’t Be Afraid To Dream a Little Bigger, Darling

I will be honest with everyone- I am the QUEEN of starting projects with about a 50% chance of completing them.  This doesn’t apply to some aspects of life, like work and school- these are deadline driven, 100% attendance and execution rates, people!

The projects I am referring to are the ones I set up for myself and have only myself setting ritual check-in’s and static due-dates. One of the biggest to-do list items I have had for several years now is the completion of my first manuscript. Ever since I entered my first writing contest when I was 6 years old, I was hooked on the idea of my name appearing on my own book one day. That dream still stands alive today… but is it just a dream?

I once read a blurb on a self-help blog with the tagline- “We need to stop breeding generations of dreamers, but instead, generations of go-getters, dream-catchers, and good-doers. Dreams are only granted to such people.” Hm… sounds like this girl just found her new mantra!

Oh how true, Bey. Simple reminders on this happy hump day! ❤


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