Happy Hump Day Declarations!

It’s Hump Day! Cue groans from all close friends named Mike…

Today is a great day because it’s the first of July, the weather here is absolutely GORGEOUS *Hello 66 degrees, sunny, and no humidity in July!* and there are so many reasons to be happy!

I woke up with my little snuggle bug this morning, headed out on a short run (even though it was short, it was hilly and just what the doctor ordered), and now drinking coffee and preparing for work.


After finishing my ASL midterms, I made my way home and got down to business to making some declarations for this upcoming month.

1. Eat Healthier

After discussing my re-occurring adult acne *yes, it’s back* with my dermatologist, she agreed that I need to try a gluten free, dairy free, low-caffeine diet. Today is the day I am putting this into full-effect. Having been (mostly) gluten free for a couple years (with the exclusion of a beer here and there) and introducing it back into my diet in the form of pastas and breads, the headaches, cystic acne, and slow runs have also reintroduced themselves. Today I am declaring a healthier, more-mindful diet with no gluten, no dairy, and low caffeine.


2. Choose the things that make me happy

I am a victim of the “never say no” epidemic. Many times I go into a day and feel like I must say “Yes” to every opportunity and advance. Spoiler alert- While I feel good about accepting invites and offers from friends and family members that ultimately make them happy, it leaves me feeling less than full and completely burned out by the end of the week. Today, I declare to say Yes to only the necessities and No if it means that I get to say Yes to myself and what I need to do to achieve happiness.


3. Be More Assertive

In the workplace, in my relationships, in my head. Up until today, I have always been a semi-passive person. If there are four things I need to do today but six things I COULD do… I will strive to accomplish six. If someone needs my help on an item that isn’t necessarily my responsibility but I am capable of offering assistance, I will. I declare today to be the beginning of a more assertive ME.

4. Revive the Sense of Adventure.

Growing up, I always thought I was pretty spontaneous and adventurous. Lately, I know that there have been many things that I have missed out on just because I want to stay “comfortable.” I am making the declaration today to take that random trip for the weekend, swing from that lake-swing, and risk that conversation with a stranger. Hopping out of my comfort zone has only proved a positive outcome in my past, so I want to revive that idea of making the most of any opportunity I decide to embark on.


What are your declarations today? This Month? Whatever they are, make ’em! And make the most of them!

Happy Hump Day, All! ❤



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