Duo Does DC

When I preface my post by saying I live the DC suburbia life, don’t be fooled- I rarely make it into the city. Other than the occasional Capitals Hockey game, or airport-pickup/dropoff, I am not a big-city dweller.

That’s why when a good friend of mine made her way up to Maryland, we wanted to both experience a get-away that wasn’t too far away. A weekend in the city of Washington DC, this duo did it right.

When friends become friends to other friends…


The Gaylord Hotel- Mecca of Class, Sass, and Gigantic Atriums

IMG_9322 IMG_9323  IMG_9325   IMG_9329

Museums, Metros, and Mayhem…

IMG_9333 IMG_9338

IMG_9339 IMG_9340

We caught up with our former roomie, even if 2 states away, she shared in on the fun…


A night out on the town is never complete without elevator pictures, scenery shots, and new friends:

IMG_9343 IMG_9345 IMG_9404

Rainy Saturdays call for Georgetown Cupcakes, Umbrellas, Bare feet, and goofy selfies…IMG_9353IMG_9391 IMG_9349

Before we left, we had to go on a little run across the potomac sky bridge, followed by a ride in the ferris wheel the spun us to new heights to see Alexandria, Arlington, and DC all in one rotation…

IMG_9354  IMG_9356IMG_9376IMG_9377IMG_9378IMG_9379IMG_9380  IMG_9382IMG_9385

Sandy beaches and large playtime attempts. Mount Vernon explorations and silly tourists…


IMG_9362 IMG_9373 IMG_9389  IMG_9393 IMG_9395 IMG_9396 IMG_9399


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