Word of 2016

Another New Year is in full swing! Every year, I try to pick one word to really focus my thoughts and actions, rather than a long list of resolutions- surely to be lost in my jean pocket by week two and torn to shreds by the dryer after a load of laundry.

This year, I have many things I want to accomplish. Some goals include reaching a healthy weight that comes with a regular running schedule and nutritious eating. A list of races already fills my 2016 agenda, and with these I wish for new PR’s. I want to participate in multiple different charity events and volunteer positions in the Deaf community. I want to take a few trips to destinations pre-determined by my ferocious wanderlust, including Florida, New York, and a possible trip to explore the outdoors on the North West Coast.

I have relationships I want to improve, relationships I want to explore, and relationships I want to maintain and cherish. I wish to make the Bible a regular part of my day and bring meaning to my quiet time with my maker. I want to continue my writing and work on new and exciting projects. I also hope to learn more about this country (and ultimately- the world) that leaves me a more educated, credible opinionated citizen.

I want to be sure I am spending my time with people I love, with a purpose behind every decision that works towards a life I am proud of. If this means saying “No” to the non-opportunities presented to me, then “No” it will be.

With all of these things I can think of that I want to accomplish in this year, I chose one word that easily encompasses all of my wishes for this upcoming year. And so, as I head into the new year, I wish to tackle each day, each project, and each action with true and undivided attention. With everything I work towards, may it be with good intention.


Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 4.39.41 PM


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