Yours Truly…

PicMonkey Collage

Born and raised in Frederick, MD- I’m a girl that appreciates picking crabs by the bay with a beer, sipping sweet tea while rocking on a porch swing, and all 4 seasons in a year.

After spending much of my late teens and early twenties in the Carolina’s by Wrightsville Beach and in the Queen City, I grew to appreciate Grits, southern hospitality, and all things baby blue. With family and friends back up in the Mason Dixon State tuggin’ on my heart strings, I made my way back up home where I currently run a disgusting number of different street races, window shop local boutiques like a pro, and watch Capital’s hockey as often as possible.

Currently a student earning my National Interpreter Certification forĀ American Sign Language, more than ever I talk with my hands and love every minute of it…. life couldn’t taste any sweeter.

Join me as I post about anything and everything that inspires my hands to move to the beat of my noisy heart. An advocate of Deaf rights, and cake for breakfast, I hope my words reach you in your travels and lighten your hearts. Happy Reading!


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