The World, She Weeps

We awake to sunshine on roses Oh but why the World, she weeps? What outlandish cries from devilish eyes attack her while she sleeps? Oh the World, she weeps in shadows and light why must she continue to burn? While terror is winning with Hell’s new beginning It’s she who takes the burden to turn The World, […]

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Flowers in a Polaroid

It wasn’t anything special. A Polaroid of the flowers adorning my kitchen table, the pink carnations budding in the middle of an assortment of shy gold and stark white roses. The sun was stinging their petals from the rising of the earth in the morning, but their stance in the photo seemed calm… blushed and […]

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A Good Run

Do you remember the days? When our hearts were so tactile… A broken record hardly plays Today we are so fragile The wind came blowing through once a brick wall so sturdy and tall back when the world was bright and new now we stumble and we fall It’s another storm cloud mascaraed in a ghost […]

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The Mirror

The mirror is alive taking shots in the dark At the lonely girl dressed is white, skin is stark She turns on the light her reflection screams tuck an inch, pinch, pinch, pinch imagining her jeans bursting at the seams Bones hide… all while she digs polished claws scratch skin and blood shines She searches […]

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He’s a heartstring serenade a harp on a grand opry stage flittering and fluttering under calloused rage Dipped in chocolate he rots in the core the first taste so sweet the starving crave more He’s the dark side of the moon crescent crescendo midnight rush Lights the match, burns the city and doesn’t care too much […]


Blue Bear

The Blue Bear stood across the channel on a bank of stone and sand he stood on two hind quarters his growl was loud and grand I heard the faintest shiver in the waving pines on shore the warning of an evening chill sounded by his roar Ghosts haunt his land time ticks in his muddy […]

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Another manic movementa storm settles inthunder in a quiet whisperthe loud ring of a dropped pin Dust in clouds above the earthIt’s about time we lose our way.My chaos grows with stillnessa gentle build-up of all I have to say. And I won’t apologize for the crazyI won’t say sorry for the tearsYou want a life […]

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Sunday Morning

A sip of something sweet on the front porch rocking chair summer sits patiently behind the dew I wrap my fingers in last night’s damp hair A car whizzes past- in a hurry, in a hurry a butterfly floats in the shade Another sip of coffee in his T-shirt The songs of morning birds fade I think […]

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A Silhouette & a Slow Dance

All the silly little liars lie awake inside a stone picking up the broken pieces all alike yet all alone A pocket full of secrets can only last a second chance in another burning building a silhouette and a slow dance Ships are sinking in the moonlight a yell for hope lost at sea The thunder […]

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