Word of 2016

Another New Year is in full swing! Every year, I try to pick one word to really focus my thoughts and actions, rather than a long list of resolutions- surely to be lost in my jean pocket by week two and torn to shreds by the dryer after a load of laundry. This year, I … More Word of 2016

A Good Run

Do you remember the days? When our hearts were so tactile… A broken record hardly plays Today we are so fragile The wind came blowing through once a brick wall so sturdy and tall back when the world was bright and new now we stumble and we fall It’s another storm cloud mascaraed in a ghost … More A Good Run


Another manic movementa storm settles inthunder in a quiet whisperthe loud ring of a dropped pin Dust in clouds above the earthIt’s about time we lose our way.My chaos grows with stillnessa gentle build-up of all I have to say. And I won’t apologize for the crazyI won’t say sorry for the tearsYou want a life … More Apologies