The World, She Weeps

We awake to sunshine on roses Oh but why the World, she weeps? What outlandish cries from devilish eyes attack her while she sleeps? Oh the World, she weeps in shadows and light why must she continue to burn? While terror is winning with Hell’s new beginning It’s she who takes the burden to turn The World, […]

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Word of 2016

Another New Year is in full swing! Every year, I try to pick one word to really focus my thoughts and actions, rather than a long list of resolutions- surely to be lost in my jean pocket by week two and torn to shreds by the dryer after a load of laundry. This year, I […]

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A Good Run

Do you remember the days? When our hearts were so tactile… A broken record hardly plays Today we are so fragile The wind came blowing through once a brick wall so sturdy and tall back when the world was bright and new now we stumble and we fall It’s another storm cloud mascaraed in a ghost […]

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Less of Me, More of You

It’s been one of those days. Call it a coincidence or call it justified being that this upcoming Thursday marks another much-anticipated Thanksgiving, today I spent a good amount of time being pensive about who I am, who I wish to be, and for what I should always stay grateful.   Sometimes all it takes is a […]

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Another manic movementa storm settles inthunder in a quiet whisperthe loud ring of a dropped pin Dust in clouds above the earthIt’s about time we lose our way.My chaos grows with stillnessa gentle build-up of all I have to say. And I won’t apologize for the crazyI won’t say sorry for the tearsYou want a life […]

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